Good Times

Honey Wine

EST. | 2020



EST. | 2020


7705 Commercial

Way #100

Henderson, NV 89011

(702) 992-3310



What is Deadwood Meadery

At Deadwood Meadery we produce, bottle, and sell mead, also known as honey wine. With a small tasting room we bring the community carefully curated craft beverages, tastings, and a relaxed environment to enjoy our meads and make great memories with friends new and old.

Who are We

Deadwood Meadery was created by Tom Nichols in 2020. Originally starting as a hobby in the garage, Tom found he needed to create something. After years in the culinary filed working as a cook and then a bartender, he stumbled upon mead while trying to create new cocktails.

Spurred on by a strong passion to make things from to finish in a never ending quests to understand, Tom started to make something different, exciting, and artistic...he started making mead.

Before long the operation began to swell, as the demand for the product grew, Tom Started Deadwood Meadery officially in 2020, expanding to soon accommodate a commercial enterprise.


Whats New?

Getting Closer!

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As we go through construction and relevant permitting, we at Deadwood Meadery are starting our next, almost final step, of getting to open our tasting room and share our meads. Over the next several weeks we will be;

  • Submit our recipes for approval

  • Paint, Decorate, and put the finishing touches on the tasting room

  • Preparing our equipment for our first run of meads!

"Some of you out there know the meads you'll see, the rest they say, is a mystery"



Hi there! We are busy preparing for our opening, but never too busy to answer questions. If you are curious about us, mead, or other great local offerings, please reach out!